Why hire us

There are many reasons for hiring The House Project Manager, here are a few.

We work for you! We are your advocate.

The House Project Manager isn’t a builder, architect or general contractor. As your representative on the building project our interests are aligned solely with those of you, our client.


Because we work as your representative, our single task is to make sure your goals are achieved.


Our allegiance in your project is to you, the client, not to any individual architect, builder or supplier. By being independent we are objective throughout the selection process (e.g. architects, builders, sub-contractors, suppliers, etc.). We form a team that will best meet your goals, budget and timeline.

Value for money.

We ask the right questions all through the building process. And because we have no allegiance to any particular supplier or contractor, we make sure that you get the best value for money possible. Making sure every dollar is spent efficiently towards achieving your ( and only your) goals.

On time.

By working closely with you to develop and manage your overall project schedule, preventing project snags and costly delays. We develop a strategic plan with built-in contingencies and milestones that are monitored throughout the build to keep it on course.

Risk mitigation.

The House Project Manager manages projects for a living.  As seasoned project management consultants, our expertise has seen what has worked and, even more importantly, what has not. We uncover potential issues before they arise.